Previous Reports

The two links here will take you to the previous two reports on CCHD grantees that were sent to every diocese in the country in 2010 and in 2011, respectively.  Unlike this year’s report, all of the information on the findings are contained in each individual document.

  1. CCHD Grants Report for 2010-2011.
  2. CCHD Grants Report for 2009-2010.


News and video stories on the individual CCHD reports.

Michael Hichborn and Rob Gasper discuss problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development with Raymond Arroyo in November 2009.

Michael Hichborn reports on several grantees of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development in November of 2009.

Michael Hichborn exposes even deeper problems with the Catholic Camapign for Human Development in March 2010.

Michael Voris explains the findings contained in the CCHD grantee report for 2010-2011.