CCHD 2011-2012 Grants Report

What follows is a listing of all 74 grantees found to be in violation of CCHD guidelines and Catholic moral teaching.  Each grantee is listed by diocese (in alphabetical order), along with codes to indicate the ways in which the grantees are in violation.  Each letter code following (DA) indicates ways in which the grantees supported abortion, homosexuality, birth control, or Marxism through direct action.  Each letter code following (CO) indicate the grantees indirect support through coalitions.  Each letter code following (LE) indicates the actions of the leadership of the organization, which violate Catholic moral teaching.

NOTE REGARDING DIOCESES NOT LISTED HERE: Most dioceses that take the CCHD collection only retain 25% of the collection money for local use.  The other 75% is sent to national CCHD, who then redistributes that collected money to organizations like those listed below.

CCHD Grantees (By Diocese)                             

Regarding the Gamaliel Network

Because of the silence from both CCHD and Gamaliel regarding the fact that the Gamaliel Network lied directly to the CCHD about its continued relationship with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), RCN is publishing here three documents that were found on Gamaliel’s own website, indicating that it was a member of FIRM and on FIRM’s Executive Committee in 2011 (those documents on Gamaliel’s websites are now under password protection).  Gamaliel sent CCHD a letter it allegedly sent to FIRM in May 2010, “severing all ties” because of FIRM’s decision to include legal recognition of same-sex couples in immigration reform.

  1. List of current FIRM member organizations plus brief descriptions 2011
  2. FIRM Contact list -Membership 2011
  3. FIRM Memberhsip Map 2011
  4. In addition to these files found on Gamaliel’s own website, an independent set of meeting minutes from a FIRM conference call indicates that Ana Garcia-Ashley, the head of Gamaliel, participated in the conference call, and Gamaliel again was nominated to FIRM’s executive committee for the year 2012.  Here is a link to the minutes of that conference call.
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